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Alcatraz is an AI company that leverages the enterprise access control environment by enabling touchless and secure entry.
AmberBox is the most advanced indoor gunshot detection and response system used in the US today. AmberBox automates emergency processes to significantly reduce response time and remove human error. AmberBox detectors utilise a patented gunshot detection algorithm to respond immediately following a firearm discharge. With tri-factor authentication (percussion, audio and infrared), detectors are able to instantly determine a firearm signature with a near-zero false alarm rate. Upon activation, detectors alert first responders through our reporting network, and can integrate with other security systems, such as cameras, access control systems and mass notification to initiate.
Anello is a dynamic, technology-driven start-up company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are focused on disruptive new photonic sensor technologies for autonomous navigation applications. Generous benefits, competitive pay, appreciating equity, and a collaborative culture make Anello the workplace of choice for accomplished and motivated engineers.
Aryballe Technologies develops and manufactures an innovative bio-inspired electronic nose. Based on the combination of Nano, Biotech, IT and Cognitive Sciences Aryballe Technologies develops and supplies Innovative technologies, databases, software and devices applied to the identification, measurement and representation of smells and tastes. Presented as a portable or a stand-alone device, the first applications of the technology are in the fields of food, flavors & fragrances, cosmetics, automotive, consumer electronic, and healthcare.
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Augmenta’s state of art deep learning device helps farmers substantially increase their bottom-line by boosting yield, reducing day to day spend, while at the same time enhancing the quality of the crops and protecting the environment.
Automata is a London based deep-tech company working to democratise robotics. We create tools that empower people to automate the physical work they no longer need to do themselves. Our first product, Eva, is an elegant, lightweight, affordable robot arm built for professionals: in a production line, in a lab, a home workshop or even in a classroom. Eva works seamlessly alongside humans, you no longer have to be a technical expert to communicate with robots - our web-based software platform, Choreograph, can be programmed by anyone, anywhere, any time, from any device, making it incredibly easy to reconfigure for a wide range of different tasks.
Bellwether is a venture-backed, high-growth tech company working hard—alongside other game-changers—to positively transform the coffee industry. We’re a diverse team of coffee industry veterans, entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians, human-centered designers, and people-focused rule-breakers who have a passion for making the “impossible” a reality.
Bodyport is the platform for health in the home. Understand your body on a deeper level. Predict and prevent disease.
BuffaloGrid is on a mission to bring mobile power and internet to the next billion. Working with enterprises across South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa, we're building a pioneering international development company that uses renewable energy and internet services to help people access a better quality of life, making the world more socially and economically equal.
Caper builds intelligent shopping carts, powered by deep learning and computer vision, to detect and identify items (with cameras mounted in the cart) as they are added to the basket. Caper costs less than 1% of Amazon Go's infrastructure, and it is a plug-and-play integration for stores. Caper is the fastest growing retail automation technology company, with already launched pilots and a rapidly expanding customer base. E-commerce is only 8% of total retail, and Caper is innovating the other 92% of the untapped potential.
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Cowboy is the first connected electric bike that gives people the freedom to take the streets. Cowboy’s main goal is to improve urban mobility and take commuters to their destination in a more enjoyable, sustainable and efficient manner.
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